About us

Praga was founded a few years ago* and since then it has been a pleasure and passion to help individuals all around the gta find their best options of investment. Whether buying a house, selling a condo or looking for investment presale properties, Praga assists in it all, making sure the customer’s expectations not only have been met, but exceeded and within budget. Praga.ca, founded by Alex Karczewski, was based on the foundation of helping clients find the best deals on condos. By partnering with reliable developers Praga focuses on providing clients with the most reputable, trustable companies in the Greater Toronto Area. Our key goal is focusing on offering the best assistance in properties located in Toronto and surrounding areas. When looking to invest or purchase properties, there comes a great importance in finding a smooth process through it all. It can be very easy to miss details that can create quite the headache as a new buyer or investor. Thus why Praga.ca strives to bring to their clients only the best expertise, service and atmosphere to ensure a smooth stress free transition and great experience.

Company presentation

Who Am I

My name is Alex Karczewski I am a sales representative with Orion Realty Corporation, Brokerage located at 1149 Lakeshore Rd East, Mississauga. I’ve worked for Orion since 2015 and have been helping clients all across the GTA find properties suited for them. In my freetime I enjoy spending time with my family, playing sports and tinkering with cars.

Alex Karczewski

A little about me

I graduated from York University with a BA in Health Science in 2014. During my time in university, I dabbled with courses in economics and business, leading me to pursue a career in the business field. I also have always had an interest in architecture and city planning, and this industry really allowed me to incorporate my interests and widen my own knowledge through my profession. Some of my personal achievements in the field have been obtaining Rookie Of The Year in 2015, as well as Orion’s Director Award for sales performance from 2016-2020. Working in the Greater Toronto Area has given me the perfect opportunity to help new home buyers succeed.

how the industry come to be

Since early 2015 I had my first encounter working as a realtor, the industry quickly became something I knew was the right profession. I experienced how developing business connections can inspire one to work and see new perspectives. I was steered into this path as I observed how seasoned investors were successful and desired to share the knowledge with investors and property investors.

What I’m Doing

I have since then created my own website named Praga.ca and have applied my hard work ethic and resilience in striving to help clients find properties that exceed their expectations. Praga is the perfect place to provide readers with tools and details on Etobicoke and the Greater Toronto Area's top pre construction and Resale Condos as well as a hotspot for professionally written blog posts offering the public advice and assistance on any questions they may have as buyers looking to purchase or looking to sell, or perhaps just trying to step into the market.

Where I’m looking to go next

Where I’m looking to go next with my company is expanding it and building larger clientele. Continuously expanding my relationship with investors and clients allows me to teach more people on critical aspects to purchasing and selling. More than 50% of my business is pre construction with the remaining being resale. The market is geared towards assisting both experts and the general community of new home buyers, as well as investors who are looking for the perfect opportunity to get into the market.

How to help the reader

I too have been a first time buyer, and understand the many struggles and stress that come with not only finding a property that fits your needs, but one that fits your budget and location. In my process of purchasing my first property I found that the most reassuring aspect in the process was knowing that it takes time but with the right help, you can find the right fit.

Work ethic

With my high work ethic and location expertise I help individuals find their dream properties by giving honest opinions, and asking clients questions to make sure I and my given client understand what they are looking for and help formulate a financial analysis of the property and find their ideal purchase. I am very open to answering any questions and concerns, and always interested in a challenge. Reach out to me at q3salesmanager@gmail.com to connect.